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All Things Rural began breeding pygmy goats in 2004 and it was then that the ‘Allthings’ herd name was born.

We breed all year round so nearly always have kids available for sale.  Please note we only sell goats in pairs as a minimum unless they are going to an existing herd.

For more information or to book an appointment to come and view our goats then please contact Laura on 07795 245133 or [email protected]

NEXT KIDS DUE: From June 5th 2016

We have had some female kids born so watch out for them to be added to the for sale list in the next few weeks…

Kids go up for sale from 3 weeks old and then go to their new homes at 12 weeks (weaning age).  All kids will grow horns.  Disbudding not available.


Name: Allthings Bess
D.O.B: Approx 2008
Ready approx: Now
Sex: Retired nanny – Strictly not for breeding
Colour: Black
Type: Pygmy Goat
Breeding: Bess is a great goat that is very happy and friendly.  She has retired from breeding now as she has a few teeth issues and struggles to eat hay.  She is keeping a healthy weight as we have her diet sorted but she does need feeding 3 times a day at the moment.  Taking this into account, she will need to be homed with someone that is at home at points in the day.  She is also very sociable so will need to be with other friendly goats.  She will reward your hard work with being a fantastic pet as she has a great character
Price: POA

Contact: 07795 245133 or [email protected]


Name: Springfield Holly (Mary) and Donnie
D.O.B: 06/03/05, Unknown (aged)
Ready approx: Now
Sex: Retired Nannies
Colour: Brown, Blue and White
Type: Pygmy Goat
Breeding: These lovely girls are best friends and must go as a pair.  Retired from breeding and now looking to live out their retirement in a pet home.  Mary is slightly arthritic and has stiff front legs in winter.
Price: POA

Contact: 07795 245133 or [email protected]


Name: Allthings Primrose, Allthings Perrie and Allthings Pixie 
D.O.B: 03/04/16
Ready approx: 26/06/16
Sex: Two nannies and a wether
Colour: Nannies – Brown and White, Black and White.  Wether – Black and White
Type: Pygmy Goat
Breeding: Sire: Allthings Hercules,  Dam: Allthings Isabella
Price: £590 for the triplets

Contact: 07795 245133 or [email protected]


Name: Allthings Pebble and Allthings Puzzel
D.O.B: 12/02/16 and 17/02/16
Ready approx: 11/05/16
Sex: Wether and Nanny
Colour: Grey and White, Tri-coloured
Type: Pygmy Goat
Breeding: Pebble – Sire: Allthings Hercules, Dam: Allthings Jezebel,  Puzzel – Sire:  Allthings Hercules, Dam: Allthings Oddsocks
Price: £360 for the pair

Contact: 07795 245133 or [email protected]

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