About Us

All Things Rural is a grass seed and wildflower wholesaler based in Alcester, Warwickshire. We are a small but very efficient team that are always available and can offer a fantastic next day delivery service all over the UK for all orders. We believe we are unique in that on one site we grow, harvest and dry, clean, mix, pack and distribute, enabling us to offer a total range from one supplier. Our business has been built on service and choice and nowhere will you find a larger range of products held in stock ready for immediate dispatch. A lot of ATR’s growth has stemmed from our commitment to service and quality, and we pride ourselves on the effort we make with every order to maintain these standards.

We began focused on the wholesale of straight grasses and forage crops to UK and Irish retail mixing operations, rapidly expanding to include key agricultural and amenity species and then a specialised mixing operation, which is now the core of our business. We produce a huge variety of seed mixtures for all purposes, using our own software, designed in-house, to produce DEFRA certified amenity, equine, game cover, wildflower, agricultural, green manure and special mixes in any bag of any packaging and any size. We do all the seed you need at speed.

We also stock a wide range of native and non-native Wildflowers, which play an increasingly important role in our environment, providing a food source for pollinators to fertilise crops. Successful establishment can only be accomplished with patience and care, so the selection of mixtures sown for such projects is crucial. We are always pleased to advise upon mixture selection and site management, and provide mixtures to your own specifications, allowing All Things Rural to keep Britain floral.

We operate from our 170-acre farm at Red Hill, where we grow several of the wildflowers and wild grass species we supply, and our core policy of reinvestment in our facilities and technology has allowed us to constantly evolve, increase capacity and efficiency simultaneously. The last decade has seen repeated investment in land and machinery across our current site, as well as diversification through other businesses with our nature centre, All Things Wild, and Fonmon Castle in Wales.




Looking ahead to the next decade, we will stay true to the principles that have got us this far, focusing on speed and quality of service to meet our customers’ orders and reinvesting repeatedly in our business to meet new challenges posed by Brexit and climate change, beginning with the replacement of our forklifts with all-electric alternatives. Our relationships with suppliers are also strengthening, with recent investment from Freudenberger confirming our place as a major UK wholesaler of grass seed and wildflowers.

We have a young team of hugely committed staff and are always investing heavily in their training, as we believe they will enable us to continue to grow the business whilst retaining our signature quality of service.

We are looking forward to receiving your orders and enquiries.

Nigel Ford