About Us

AllThingsRuralWebLogo2All Things Rural was started in July 2004 by Nigel Ford and Rebecca Harris, with both having previously run businesses in the Agricultural and Equine Sectors. Renting the 170 acre farm at Red Hill was the catalyst to combine their previous activities into one business. Initially, the business focussed on the wholesaling of straight grasses and forage crops to the UK and Irish retail mixing operations. By 2006, a small store had been established carrying stocks of key amenity and agricultural species. A small amount of mixing started in the spring of 2007 and this side of the business has continued to develop to date. The business has grown steadily from its inception and a policy of reinvestment has been a core to its strategy.

In 2010, a 6,000sq ft. store and 12 acres of land adjacent to the site was purchased and in 2011, further cleaning and packing machinery was invested in. On the farm we grow a number of wild grass and wildflower species including Black Knapweed, Oxeye Daisy and Yorkshire Fog to name a few.

In 2012 we purchased 30 acres of land in a nearby village and have developed All Things Wild Nature Centre www.allthingswild.co.uk.

We increased our mixing and packing capacity. Our new mixing plant has enabled us to work with bulk bags and has increased our tonnage output.

We completed our new storage shed and launched our new brand All Things Green aimed at customers who want a branded product without the cost of maintaining their own brand.

A lot of ATR’s growth has stemmed from our commitment to service and quality and a huge amount of effort has gone into maintaining standards. We have a young team (except me) of hugely committed staff and are investing heavily in their training. We believe they will enable us to continue to grow the business whilst retaining the high level of service.

2018 Nigel finally gives in to his ATR teams demands!

For 10 years we have been driving and developing our mixture business offering you exactly what you want, when you want it! Thanks to your continuous support and hardwork we have seen growth in our business and to support this we have made some changes for 2018.

  • Production Plant 5 is a self contained mixing plant
  • Our in house Seed Mixture Programme has had an injection of new technology
  • We welcome new members to our team bringing with them new skills, enthusiasm and lots of energy!!

We are very excited about the future and look forward to receiving your orders and enquiries.

Nigel Ford