Allen and Page

Allen & Page is an innovative,
family-owned company, formulating and manufacturing quality horse feeds, with the highest Non-GM standard of ingredients.


Dodson & Horrell founded in 1939 and still family owned to this day. Formulated feed, supplements and herbal products ensuring your horse is receiving the best nutrition.

Have been farming in Northamptonshire since 1562 and took over the mill in the early 19th century, the family business has grown to be a leading company in both feed and flour millingย 

All the formulations are designed by TopSpecโ€™s own experienced equine nutritionists. Only the highest quality ingredients are included in the formulations.


The original Ryegrass HorseHage has been joined by High Fibre HorseHage and Timothy HorseHage. HorseHage is also well-known for the Mollichaff range of high fibre chaffs and complete feeds.

Dengie was founded in 1968. Growing as many of their own ingredients as possible supporting traceability, this is ensures every single bag of feed can be tracked back to the field it was grown in.