Game Cover

Game Cover

Game cover crops provide a habitat for game birds.  Some crops provide feed or cover and some provide both. 

Brassica carinata 
Canary Seed
Canary Grass 
Dwarf Sorghum Blend
Dwarf Sunflower 
Giant Sorghum 
Gold of Pleasure 
Japanese Reed Millet
Red Millet
White Millet
Reed Canary Grass
Tic Beans

Game Cover Mixes

Traditional Game Cover Mix

3Kg Game Maize
1.75Kg White Millet
1.5Kg Red Millet
1.5Kg Buckwheat
1Kg Kale
0.75Kg Sunflower
0.25kg White Mustard
0.25Kg Forage Rape

Sow 10Kg per acre

Rearing Field Mix

50% Agricultural Perennial Ryegrass
12% Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
8% Timothy

Sow 10Kg per acre

Premium Rearing Field Mix

3Kg Amenity Perennial Ryegrass
2.5Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass (Diploid)
2Kg Timothy
2Kg Meadow Fescue
2Kg Creeping Red Fescue
1Kg Birdsfoot Trefoil
0.5Kg White Clover

Sow 13Kg per acre

Millgame Millet Mix

50% Red Millet
50% White Millet

Sow 5Kg per acre

Ambush Millet Mix

40% Red Millet
40% White Millet
20% Japanese Reed Millet

Sow 5Kg per acre

Sorghum Mix

50% Giant Sorghum
50% Dwarf Sorghum

Sow 10Kg acre

Maize and Sorghum Mix

10Kg Game Maize Blend
4Kg Dwarf Sorghum

Sow 14Kg acre


Maize and Sunflower Mix

11.5Kg Game Maize Blend
1.5Kg Sunflower

Sow 13Kg per acre

Late Cover Mix

3Kg Forage Rape
1.5Kg Stubble Turnip
0.35Kg White Mustard
0.15Kg Fodder Radish

Sow 5Kg per acre

Fodder Radish and Mustard Mix

3.5Kg Fodder Radish
1.5Kg White Mustard

Sow 5Kg per acre

Quinoa and Kale Mix

1.25Kg Quinoa
1.25Kg Kale

Sow 2.5Kg per acre

Coax Game Mix

2Kg Linseed
2Kg Buckwheat
3Kg Millet blend
0.5Kg Fodder Radish
0.5Kg Mustard

Sow 8Kg per acre

We can also offer cereals as straights

Spring Triticale, Spring Wheat, Spring Barley, Spring Oats, Forage Rye, Winter Triticale, Winter Wheat, Winter Oats and Winter Barley


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