Game Cover

Game Cover Mixes

Game cover crops provide a habitat for game birds.  Some crops provide feed or cover and some provide both. 

Traditional Game Cover Mix

3Kg Game Maize
1.75Kg White Millet
1.5Kg Red Millet
1.5Kg Buckwheat
1Kg Kale
0.75Kg Sunflower
0.25kg White Mustard
0.25Kg Forage Rape

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre  25Kg/ha

Rearing Field Mix

50% Agricultural Perennial Ryegrass
12% Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
30% Strong Creeping Red Fescue
8% Timothy

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre  25Kg/ha

Premium Rearing Field Mix

3Kg Amenity Perennial Ryegrass
2.5Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass (Diploid)
2Kg Timothy
2Kg Meadow Fescue
2Kg Creeping Red Fescue
1Kg Birdsfoot Trefoil
0.5Kg White Clover

Sowing Rate – 13Kg/acre  32.5Kg/ha

Millgame Millet Mix

50% Red Millet
50% White Millet

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha

Ambush Millet Mix

40% Red Millet
40% White Millet
20% Japanese Reed Millet

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha

Sorghum Mix

50% Giant Sorghum
50% Dwarf Sorghum

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre  25Kg/ha

Maize and Sorghum Mix

10Kg Game Maize Blend
4Kg Dwarf Sorghum

Sowing Rate – 14Kg/acre  35Kg/ha


Maize and Sunflower Mix

11.5Kg Game Maize Blend
1.5Kg Sunflower

Sowing Rate – 13Kg/acre  32.5Kg/ha

Late Cover Mix

3Kg Forage Rape
1.5Kg Stubble Turnip
0.35Kg White Mustard
0.15Kg Fodder Radish

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha

Fodder Radish and Mustard Mix

3.5Kg Fodder Radish
1.5Kg White Mustard

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha

Quinoa and Kale Mix

1.25Kg Quinoa
1.25Kg Kale

Sowing Rate – 2.5Kg/acre  6Kg/ha

Coax Game Mix

2Kg Linseed
2Kg Buckwheat
3Kg Millet blend
0.5Kg Fodder Radish
0.5Kg Mustard

Sowing Rate – 8Kg/acre  20Kg/ha

Game Cover

Borago officinalis


Borage, also known as Star Flower, is an annual species.  It produces eye catching electric blue flowers from May to September that are a magnet for bees, especially honeybees and bumblebees.  Borage has the ability to improve soil compaction due to its deep tap roots.  It readily self seeds which can make it difficult to eradicate.

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre


Fagopyrum esculentum

Buckwheat is a vigorous, quick growing, short term annual that produces dense, green ground cover and can act as a weed suppressant.  It improves soil by breaking down phosphate and making it available to other crops.  It is a vital pollen and nectar for pollinators and invertebrates.  Buckwheat is not frost hardy. 

Sowing Rate – 20Kg/acre


Canary Seed
Phalaris canariensis

Canary Seed is a dense, bushy, annual crop that provides a vital food source for birds during winter.

Sowing Rate – 15Kg/acre

Canary Grass
Phalaris aquatica

Canary Grass is a hardy perennial that provides a warm nesting, driving or holding cover for game birds during winter.  It flowers from June to September and is capable of growing on poor soils. 

Sowing Rate – 3Kg/acre

Dwarf Sunflower
Helianthus annuus

Dwarf Sunflower is a shorter stemmed variety of sunflower and can grow up to 1m.   It provides stronger standing ability than the standard sunflower.

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre 25Kg/ha


Dwarf Sorghum
Sorghum bicolor

Dwarf Sorghum is a dense, leafy annual crop that provides cover for game birds.  It has strong standing ability due to its short, stocky growth habit and can be used alongside taller crops as a wind break.

Sowing Rate – 8Kg/acre

Ethiopian Mustard
Brassica carinata

Ethiopian Mustard is a quick establishing, fast growing crop that produces a dense, leafy canopy.  It suppresses weeds and is also frost hardy.

Sowing Rate – 2Kg/acre


Foeniculum vulgare

Fennel is an easy to establish, short term perennial.  It is a tall, hardy, drought tolerant crop that has an aniseed smell and produces yellow flowers that are attractive to pollinators and beneficial insects.  It provides cover for partridges, pheasants and other farmland birds.

Sowing Rate 5Kg/acre

Giant Sorghum
Sorghum bicolor


Giant Sorghum is a vigorous, hardy annual species that can grow up to 2m.  It develops a huge canopy which provides a dense warm cover for birds.  Giant Sorghum grows deep roots so is drought resistant once established.

Sowing Rate 12Kg/acre

Gold of Pleasure
Camelina sativa

Gold of Pleasure, also known as False Flax, is an annual species.  It is quick to establish and has good drought tolerance.  It provides highly nutritious food for farmland birds well into the winter, as well as providing shelter.  It is especially attractive to partridges.

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha

Japanese Reed Millet
Echinochloa esculenta

Japanese Reed Millet provides both food and shelter for game birds.  Although it does provide food, it is worth noting that the quantity will be less than other millets.  It is the stronger, more winter hardy member of the millet family.

Sowing Rate 10Kg/acre

Linum usitatissimum

Linseed is a strong, upright annual crop that is traditionally used in the fabric industry and for making linseed oil.  It is now used in game cover mixes as it produces valuable food for game birds in autumn.  It is best sown as part of a mix as it can produce sparse cover if sown as a stand alone crop.  Linseed improves soil and is fast to establish.

Sowing Rate – 20Kg/acre

Chenopodium quinoa

Quinoa is an annual crop used for feed and game cover for pheasants, partridges and farmland birds.  It is an upright plant with large seed heads that produce large volumes of seed. This seed sheds continuously over many months providing a good supply of food.

Sowing Rate – 4Kg/acre

Reed Canary Grass
Phalaris arundinacea

Reed Canary Grass is a perennial that provides tall cover for nesting, holding and driving game birds.  It is slow to establish in the first year but once established it is extremely winter hardy and can last over 7 years.  It is a hardier species than Canary Grass.

Sowing Rate – 3Kg/acre

Red Millet
Panicum miliaceum

Red Millet is an annual that provides food and cover for game birds.  It has a lower seed yield that White Millet and flowers slightly later.  It works well when sown with White Millet as due to white millet flowering slightly earlier, it extends the seed shedding timescale for farmland birds.  Red Millet is not frost hardy.

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre

Helianthus annuus

Sunflower is a very tall annual crop.  It has strong roots which help to reduce soil compaction and also provides a plentiful food source for song birds and game birds in autumn/winter.

Sowing Rate – 10Kg/acre

White Millet
Panicum miliaceum


White Millet is an annual that provides food and cover for game birds.  It flowers slightly earlier than Red Millet and produces thicker leaves and larger seed heads, making it a higher yielding species.  It works well when sown with Red Millet as due to Red Millet flowering slightly later, it extends the seed shedding timescale for farmland birds.  It is also often used alongside Maize.  White Millet is not frost hardy.

Sowing Rate10Kg/acre

Also available:

Tic Beans

We can also offer cereals as straights

Spring Triticale Triticosecale – Sowing Rate – 75Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha
Spring Wheat Triticum aestivum – Sowing Rate – 75Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha
Spring Barley Hordeum vulgare – Sowing Rate – 75Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha
Spring Oats Avena sativa – Sowing Rate – 50-65Kg/acre  125-162.5Kg/ha
Forage Rye Secale cereale – Sowing Rate – 75/Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha

Winter Triticale Triticosecale – Sowing Rate – 75Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha
Winter Wheat Triticum aestivum – Sowing Rate – 75Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha
Winter Barley Hordeum vulgare – Sowing Rate – 75Kg/acre  187.5Kg/ha
Winter Oats Avena sativa – Sowing Rate – 50-65Kg/acre  125-162.5Kg/ha


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