Our Breeding Goats

Our Billies:

Allthings Braveheart

Goat for sale july 2013 and horses 091 (Custom)

Sire: Tyn-y-wern Oscar, Dam: Springfield Bluebell, D.O.B: 03/08/2008

Braveheart has now been sold but his kids will be available until February 2016.

Allthings Hercules

DSC02009 (Custom)

Sire: Marshview Trojan, Dam: Solomons Arcadia, D.O.B: 21/10/2011

Some of our Nannies

Allthings Charleston

DSC01983 (Custom)

Allthings Bliss

DSC01955 (Custom)

Allthings Fearne

Allthings Jezebel

Allthings Eugenie

DSC01986 (Custom)

Allthings Olive

Allthings Chopsticks

IMG_1234 (Medium)

Allthings Oddsocks

Allthings Easter

DSC01969 (Custom)

Allthings Oakley

Allthings Indigo

IMG_1232 (Medium)