Our Breeding Goats

Our Billies:

Allthings Braveheart

Goat for sale july 2013 and horses 091 (Custom)

Sire: Tyn-y-wern Oscar, Dam: Springfield Bluebell, D.O.B: 03/08/2008

Braveheart has now been sold but his kids will be available until February 2016.

Allthings Hercules

DSC02009 (Custom)

Sire: Marshview Trojan, Dam: Solomons Arcadia, D.O.B: 21/10/2011

Some of our Nannies

Allthings Charleston

DSC01983 (Custom)

Allthings Bliss

DSC01955 (Custom)

Allthings Foxtrot

Goat for sale 016 (Custom)

Allthings Eugenie

DSC01986 (Custom)

Allthings Romany

DSC02029 (Custom)

Allthings Chopsticks

IMG_1234 (Medium)

Allthings Easter

DSC01969 (Custom)

Allthings Cruz

Goat for sale 009 (Custom)

Allthings Indigo

IMG_1232 (Medium)