Miscellaneous Legumes

Alsike Clover
Trifolium hybridum








Alsike Clover is a low growing, short term perennial that fixes nitrogen.  It persists on acidic or waterlogged soils and can survive over winter providing temperatures are not exceptionally cold.  Alsike Clover has a slower growth habit and is not as aggressive as other clovers.  It produces pollen rich flower heads throughout summer than are attractive to pollinators.  Can cause bloat in livestock.

Sowing Rate – 6Kg/acre

Birdsfoot Trefoil (Ag)
Lotus corniculatus

Birdsfoot Trefoil is a winter hardy, protein rich, medium term perennial legume that fixes nitrogen.  Considered a bloat safe forage legume, it can also help combat parasitic nematodes (worms) and reduce methane outputs.  This species won’t tolerate heavy grazing as this severely damages the plant, so rotational grazing is recommended.

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha

Blue Lupin
Lupinus angustifolius

Blue Lupin is an annual legume that is highly effective at fixing nitrogen.  Turning the crop under prior to full bloom will give maximum soil improvement as this is when nitrogen levels are at their highest.  Blue Lupin is also good at breaking up soil compaction due to long, deep tap roots.    

Sowing Rate – 25Kg/acre  62Kg/ha

Common Vetch
Vicia sativa

Common Vetch, also known as Tares, is an annual legume that fixes nitrogen and has good tolerance to frost.  It is a scrambling plant that has a smothering growth habit making it extremely competitive against weeds. 

Sowing Rate – 34Kg/acre

Forage Peas
Pisum sativum

Forage Pea is a nitrogen fixing legume that has ability to break up soil compaction due to its deep rooting system.  It creates high protein forage and can be undersown.

Sowing Rate – 35Kg/acre

Medicago sativa

Lucerne, also known as Alfalfa, is a longer term perennial clover used widely as a green manure,  It is drought resistant, has nitrogen fixing capabilities and is ideally suited to free draining, alkaline soils.  Lucerne is best used as silage for cattle and sheep as causes bloat if grazed.  It has a high annual yield of approximately 14t DM per hectare when cut three times a year. 

Sowing Rate – 8Kg/acre

Onobrychis vicifolia

Sainfoin is a high yielding, drought resistant legume that is extremely frost tolerant.  It can be cut or grazed but is is best to avoid heavy grazing and poaching.  Sainfoin is very good at repairing tired arable land as when ploughed in, will contribute significant residual nitrogen and fertility for the succeeding crop.  It is a natural anthelmintic and won’t cause bloat.

Sowing Rate – 35Kg/acre

Strawberry Clover
Trifolium fragiferum

Strawberry Clover is a perennial ground cover plant.  It is very persistent and tolerant to both drought, waterlogging and salinity. 

Sowing Rate – 2.754.5Kg/acre 

Subterraneum Clover
Trifolium subteranean

Subterraneum Clover is a low lying annual legume that can improve soil structure due to its deep rooting system.  It can also enhance soil fertility.

Sowing Rate – 6Kg/acre

Winter Vetch
Vicia villosa

Winter Vetch, also known as Hairy Vetch, is a scrambling annual forage legume that is quick to germinate.  It has good winter hardiness making it a great winter cover crop.  Has nitrogen fixing capabilities.

Sowing Rate – 30Kg/acre

White Lupin 
Lupinus albus

White Lupin is a drought tolerant legume that thrives on medium-heavy loamy soils at a pH range of 6.5-7.3. It is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen and converting it in to a plant available form.

Sowing Rate –

Pannonic Vetch
Vicia pannonica









Pannonic Vetch, also known as Hungarian Vetch, is a nitrogen fixing, winter hardy crop that creates rapid, dense ground cover.  It produces white flowers and has slightly hairy stems. 

Sowing Rate – 20-24Kg/acre

Yellow Blossom Clover
Melilotus officinalis

Yellow Blossom Clover, also known as Sweet Clover, is a quick growing, vigorous biennial.  It has large deep tap roots that help break up compacted soils which improves soil structure and drainage. It also has nitrogen fixing capabilities.

Sowing Rate – 4Kg/acre

Yellow Trefoil
Medicago lupulina

Yellow Trefoil, also known as Black Medick, is a leafy, low growing short lived annual/biennial legume that can tolerate most soils except very acidic.  It has excellent nitrogen fixing capabilities and good at suppressing weeds. 

Sowing Rate – 4Kg/acre

Also available:

Grazing Lucerne
Sowing Rate – 4Kg/acre  10Kg/ha

Lesser Trefoil (Suckling Clover)
Sowing Rate – 4Kg/acre  10Kg/ha

Sowing Rate – 5Kg/acre  12.5Kg/ha


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