November 2020

We are busy shipping in seed for next year to avoid any delays in our spring 2021 production!

October 2020

And there you have it…a natural patchwork quilt! The trial plots at Freudenberger from the sky…what a view!

September 2020

The trial plots of Phacelia (left) and Linseed (below) at Freudenberger are growing well and looking great!

August 2020

Italian and Westerwolds blend are in stock and ready to go!

July 2020

As we all know in this modern world, technology is at the forefront of most businesses these days. Luckily our computers are kept up and running and these guys are always at the end of the phone with any computer related issues when we need them. Thanks Jordan and the team at SimplifyIT!

June 2020

Our Red Campion harvesting is under way!

February 2020

We have Premium Italian Ryegrass Blend in stock and ready to go!

January 2020

With the arrival of the new year and the new decade, comes the arrival of our new ELECTRIC forklifts.  They are a more eco friendly way of getting around our warehouse, compared to the old diesel ones.  Helping to save the planet, one step at a time!


We have added a NEW turning circle and parking area for lorries, making loading and turning easier.

We have also just finished building our NEW wildflower area to accommodate the extra stocks we are carrying from increasing our production and to enable us to carry an even wider range than before!  Our team can manage all orders from packing envelopes to large mixtures.


Stubble Turnips in Stock

We currently have Vollenda, Samson and Delilah Stubble Turnips in stock.

Vollenda is a large leafed, highly digestible variety with good early vigour and good disease resistance.  It retains palatability throughout the season and is noted for its yield, speed of growth and bolting resistance.
Samson is a tetraploid variety with large bulb.  It is high yielding and very palatable.
Delilah is the highest yielding variety with large bulb and good disease resistance.  It provides quality forage and has excellent digestibility.


NEW Production Plant 5 2018!

For more information, visit our ‘About Us’ page

2018 Crop Shortage 

From an agricultural view

The prolonged period of drought we experienced in the summer of 2018 did not just affect crop production in the UK, but also throughout Europe. The hot weather was so extreme, that between 15th April and October, not a single drop of rain fell in Scandinavia. Considering that 90% of Ryegrass production comes from Northern Europe (Poland, Germany, Netherlands and Scandinavia) this has had a profound impact on harvests. Studies show that crop yields fell approximately 15% -20,000T in 2018. The USA do not produce Lolium perenne for feeding purposes so cannot help. Breeders and growers both suffered as grassland dried out and died and never made it to the heading stage. Not only has this left the 2019 seed stocks very low for some species, farmers also bought up existing stocks of Hybrid Ryegrass, Italian Ryegrass and Perennial Ryegrass for cutting and grazing purposes as other feed crops, such as Maize, had failed due to drying out in the fields and the yields were poor. Stocks of certain species and varieties are currently empty. Large seed producers have cut down their contracted quantities as a result of the situation as demand struggles to be met and, in some cases, simply cannot be met. The ‘knock on’ effect means that crop production for 2019 will suffer as a consequence and the situation is only expected to improve after harvest 2020.

From an amenity view

The good news is stocks of amenity Perennial Ryegrass, has not been affected as hard as the argic species. Pitches and lawns did, of course, suffer through the drought just as much as the fields, but stocks of seeds ready to be sown are somewhat healthier – although some species, such as Chewings Fescue and Agrostis tenuis will be in short supply. Furthermore, a great demand is expected for spring 2019 for overseeding and repair purposes.


Buyers are advised to order early to avoid disappointment!