Agrostis Tenuis

Agrostis tenuis is similar to other Bentgrasses in that it has a fine texture and grows in a very dense manner. These attributes mean that it produces some of the best ball playing surfaces possible and is therefore commonly found in places such as golf putting greens. It creates a spectacular visual appearance when maintained properly.



Common Bent is a very fine panicle grass which grows best on neutral to acidic soils. Used in sports mixture where it creates the best playing surfaces possible due to its fine texture and dense sward. It is also a component of many lawn seed mixtures along with other grasses as it is rather delicate and does not tolerate heavy wear. The flowering panicles are finely branched and look like a purple haze from a distance. They will persist over winter long after the seed has been shed. Agrostis tenuis cultivars have good summer colour and their thick growth habit helps to suppress weeds.