Airlie and Kenmore Natural

Swedes are used for both fodder for livestock and culinary purposes.ย Some varieties are capable of being used as both.



Airlie and Kenmore are varieties of Swede. Swedes are a root crop which are classed as fodder or culinary types. Some are dual purpose. The fodder types are usually fed in-situ, but can be lifted and stored for feeding at a later date. They thrive in areas of high rainfall, but do suffer if the soil becomes waterlogged where they can rot off, so free draining soils are a must. Swedes seem to do best in soils that are slightly acidic.

Airlie is a dual purpose variety with the typical purple skin and creamy white flesh. It is classed as an early to intermediate variety, has a very high freshย yield, medium dry matter yieldย and good disease resistance.

Kenmore is an early maturing variety with a medium dry matter yield, best suited to fodder purposes. It has good winter hardiness, which allows it to be sown later. It has a browner skin than Airlie and white flesh.