Cocksfoot is a tall perennial grass with one sided clumped flower/seed, it is a coarse foliage which can grow to form dense tufts.




Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata) will grow in soils ranging from wet clays to light sands but Cocksfoot will be at its peak on drought prone land. When used in conjunction with other forage grasses and clovers, it can make a great sward. Cocksfoot grows early in spring providing a early palatable grazing grass suitable for lambs. In summer drought it excels, especially when grown with drought resistant legumes such as red and white clover.

Cocksfoot is a widespread grass present ย in a wide range of grassy habitats including meadows, pastures, upland and coastal grasslands, field margins, roadsides, waste ground and open woods. Its penetrative roots with reach a great depth, increase the ‘natural plumbing’ of the land. This allows both water and air to move deeper into the ground, reducing surface saturation and speeding drying time. It allows the surface soil temperature to increase at a quicker rate, encouraging faster recovery. Cocksfoot should be included in seed mixtures at between 3-6 kilos per acre. It is more often added to ryegrass, timothy and white clover at around 3 kilos per acre.