Crested Dogstail

Crested Dogstail has many useful characteristics and so is a vital component of wildflower meadows and many other grass mixtures.



Crested Dogstail (Cynosurus cristatus) is a perennial grass of a compact, tufted nature. Comparatively aย low growing grass, with a leafy base of flat smooth leaves. Seed heads are raised aloft on thin, wiry stems. The distinctive flower heads are flattened and regular in shape. Resistant to grazing, Crested Dogstail will persist through to seeding even in heavily grazed pasture. Found in a wide variety of lowland grasslands, although it can fail waterlogged or drought prone sites. Crested Dogstail is short lived and low growing of a medium vigour, so it does not outgrow or smother wildflowers. Hence it is often includedย as a mainstay ofย wildflower grass mixtures.