Gold of Pleasure

Gold of Pleasure is a annual growing to 0.6m, it is in flower from June to July.




Gold of Pleasure (Camelina sativa), also known as False Flax, is a plant of the Brassica family. It prefers sandy, loamy, clay and well drained soils. Traditionally cultivated as an oilseed crop to produce vegetable oil and animal feed, it is now popular in game cover mixtures. An annual plant, it has branching stems which become woody when mature. The leaves are alternate on the stem and may be partially hairy. It has abundant four-petalled flowers, which are pale yellow in colour. Seeds, which mature in pods, are a characteristic orange colour which are highly attractive to game birds. Gold of Pleasure is a fast maturing plant useful for sowing in mixtures containing triticale, barley and linseed. Does well in poorer conditions and exposed sites.