Highland Bent

Highland has green-blue, fine leaves and is a cool season grass that is normally slower growing compared to Ryegrass and Fescue.ย Highland Bent, in appearance and amenity use, is almost identical to Common bent.



Highland Bent will grow on a wide range of soils – both damp and dry to neutral and acidic. It is not a British native so will be found in amenity grassland in verges, parks and gardens. Highland Bent seed can be sown at any time of year when the soil conditions are suitable. This certain species will respond well to frequent close mowing or grazing. In winter, this species will maintain its colour and is – in some extent – hardier than Common bent. For these reasons it is a practical grass for creating lawns and other amenity applications.

The sowing rate for individual meadow grass mixtures is normally 5 grams per square metre if wildflowers are to be introduced, however this can be increased to 10-15 grams per square metre without wildflowers