Meadow Fescue

Meadow Fescue is a tall loosely tufted perennial grass with wide flat leaves. Its flowering stem can grow up to 120cm terminating in branched heads which normally nod to one side. It will form tussocks if given enough space but is not as robust as Tall Fescue.

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Meadow Fescue (Festuca pratensis) is widespread and common in a wide range of neutral grasslands including grazed pastures, meadows and verges. This particular Fescue is long lived and relies on seed to spread. It will survive best in meadows which are cut for hay in the summer. It persists less well in continuously grazed pasture or neglected grassland.This is a moderately competitive plant, which is not as vigorous to nutrients as Ryegrass. On good soils, its rather tall stature means that is not usually a component of finer grassland and wild flower meadow seed mixtures. It has the ability to produce growth in winter and early spring which is why it is valued.