Quaking Grass

Quaking grass is a perennial with tufted plants with smooth flat green leaves. Its foliage is short at the bottom of a sward, growing to a height of 50cm in June.




Quaking grass is found on unimproved, rich, infertile calcareous soils and favours well drained soils. It can also be found in old meadows and pastures where the soils are acidic. It is a slow growing grass that relies on soil nutrient stress combined with mowing or grazing for more vigorous grass.

Quaking grass has no special requirements and can be sown any time of the year as long as the conditions are correct. Being a slow growing grass, it takes time to establish from seed. Quaking grass is not competitive grass so it does require good grassland management to maintain its presence. If neglected this will allow other species to outgrow Quaking grass.