Red Fescue

Red Fescue is a fine leaved perennial grass of medium height. Its fine, mid to dark green glossy leaves is the most recognisable feature, red fescue is an extremely variable species, growing in dense tufts.



Red Fescue is a widespread grass, it is one of the most frequent grass of unimproved meadows. It can be found on a wide variety of habitats such as; banks, verges, pastures, sand dunes, mountain slopes and sea cliffs. It will grow in most acidic or waterlogged soils, this species of grass is slow growing and stress tolerant grass.

Red Fescue can be sown at any time of the year when the soil conditions are correct, however, seedlings will take time to grow before they reach full size. Once established, this species are long lived and are able to withstand considerable nutrient and drought stress. They spread by creeping rhizome growth, meaning they are not dependent on seed to regenerate.