Rough Stalked Meadow Grass

Rough Stalked Meadow Grass is a short to medium coarse perennial grass. It can vary in form and appearance depending on the growing circumstances. With a supply of moisture it will spread with numerous slender stolons, compared to dry conditions, where it will remain short and tufted. When compared to Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass the stem of the plant has rougher edges.



Rough Stalked Meadow Grass (Poa trivialis) is a highly adaptable species allowing it to grow in a range of habitats. It is found in grassland including meadows, pastures and verges. As well as grasslands it will grow well in wet ground in marshes, ponds, ditches and streams edges. It will regenerate from buried shoots after disturbance in waste grounds. It will also tolerant moderate shade allowing it to grow in open woodlands, hedgerows and scrubs.

This grass can be sown at any time of the year when the conditions are suitable. Germination can be rapid and which makes for a quick establishment over a wide range of soil temperatures. Rough Stalked Meadow Grass readily regenerates from self seeding, creeping stolons or detached fragments.