Sainfoin has colourful vetch-like pink flowers, which makes it popular in pollen & nectar style mixtures.



Sainfoin (Onobrychis viciifolia), is a forage herb useful for silage and hay mixtures that can also be grazed. It is drought resistant due to its very long tap root, does not cause bloat and needs no extra Nitrogen fertiliser. Sainfoin thrives on free draining, alkaline and calcareous soils. It is not suitable for moisture retentive or acidic ground. Temperature is not as important, as it will do well from the very hot to the very cold. Sainfoin is capable of lasting up to 5 years or more. Being leguminous and therefore able to fix Nitrogen, it can leave huge quantities of Nitrogen in the soil for follow on crops such as cereals or brassicas.