Sunflowers look great as a straight, or as a mixture. They provide outstanding colour and also cover and an excellent source of feed for game birds.



Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) are tall plants that reach around 6 feet in height. During growth, young sunflowers tilt during the day to face the sun. This is called heliotropism. They stop doing this when they begin flowering and by the time they are mature, they generally face East. The rough and hairy stem is branched in the upper part in wild plants, but is usually unbranched in domesticated cultivars. Often used as an ingredient of game cover mixtures, as they give both aerial cover from predators and they produce a large amount of rich seeds that provide an excellent source of food for all game birds. Due to the height of the giant varieties, the mature plants may need breaking for the birds to physically reach the seeds. There are also ‘dwarf’ varieties that may be reached without having to break them over. The smaller varieties often have larger seed heads. Sow April – June.