Timothy is widespread in fields, meadows and roadsides. It is sown in pastures for forage and is very common in hay. This cultivated of meadow grasses escapes freely and becomes established in natural meadows and waste places.

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Timothy is an flexible species which is used both environmentally and agriculturally, It is a very common species found in pastures throughout the UK. It will grow on heavy ground and will persist on lighter land, although has a shallow root structure. Timothy is a very persistent and hardy grass, free of disease benefiting the agricultural perspective.

Timothy grass has a broad appeal as hay for horses but when combined with alfalfa it makes a nutritious forage for grazing animals. The plant can be harvested for hay several times during the growing season if planted in early spring. The inflorescence is produced in late spring to early summer or within 50 days of sowing. This plant has shallow, fibrous root system and the lower internodes develop to form a bulb, these bulbs store carbohydrates. The leaf blades are hairless, smooth and pale green. Young blades begin rolled and mature to a flattened leaf, pointed tips and rough edges.