Virgo Yellow Trefoil

Yellow Trefoil is particularly adapted to south facing slopes where its long tap root can exploit water sources unavailable to other species.



Yellow Trefoil (Medicago lupulina), or Black Medick, is a short plant with a sprawling habit, bearing clover-like leaves. Its flowers are compact and bright yellow. Its seed pods when ripe are black, smoothย and coiled – differing from other Medicks by an absence of spines on the pods and the pods not being buried within the dead flower heads. It flowers from April to July. Habitats include dry grasslands, pastures, road banks and waste places. It is characteristic of relatively disturbed, infertile soils on neutral or calcareous soils. It can tolerate grazing and cutting. It can potentially be lost if vegetation smothers it, so it does require a certain degree of disturbance. Yellow Trefoil seed can remain viableย in the soil for several years and can reappear on the reintroduction of management.