The Sustainable Farming Incentive

The Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) aims to help farmers manage land in a way that improves food production and is more environmentally sustainable.

It is the first of 3 new environmental schemes being introduced under the Agricultural Transition Plan.
The other 2 schemes are Local Nature Recovery and Landscape Recovery.

In June 2022, 3 standards were launched within the SFI:

  • arable and horticulture soils standard
  • improved grassland soils standard
  • moorland standard

In 2023, 6 new standards were introduced within the SFI:

  • nutrient management standard
  • integrated pest management standard
  • hedgerows standard
  • arable and horticultural land standard
  • improved grassland standard
  • low/no input grassland standard
For more information on the Sustainable Farming Incentive and how to to apply, please click HERE



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