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All Things Rural are a specialist wholesale seed merchant

We have built our business on service and choice and nowhere will you find a larger range of products held in stock ready for immediate dispatch. Our site at Red Hill has been developed over the past 7 years to give us the facilities to deal with a large number of orders quickly and efficiently. Over the years, we have increased the size of the facility developing specific zones for each of the key areas of the business.

We supply a large range of seeds and will happily supply special mixes for the individual customers needs!

We also stock a wide range of native wild flowers some of which we produce and clean here on our farm. Wildflowers play an important part in our environment, providing a food source for pollinating insects which we need for fertilising crops. Successful establishment can only be accomplished with patience and care. It is important, therefore, that the mixtures are selected to enable the success of such projects.

As well as our standard mixtures, we are always pleased to advise upon and provide mixtures to your own specifications and advise on mixture selection and site management.

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We believe we are unique in that on one site we…

  • Grow seed crops
  • Harvest and dry
  • Clean
  • Mix, pack and distribute

…enabling us to offer a total range from one supplier.



Lawn Seed, Pre-Packs, Specialist & Sports Pitches


Grazing, Forage, Catch Crops, Game Cover & Green Manure

Wild Flowers

A wide range of Wild Flowers some of which we grow, harvest and clean here on the farm.



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