Agricultural Grasses

Agricultural Straight Grasses

Annual Ryegrass 
Annual Ryegrass – DIP 
Hybrid Ryegrass – DIP
Hybrid Ryegrass – TET 
Italian Ryegrass – DIP 
Italian Ryegrass
– TET 
Meadow Fescue 
Perennial Ryegrass – EARLY DIP 
Perennial Ryegrass – INT DIP 
Perennial Ryegrass – LATE DIP
Perennial Ryegrass – INT TET 
Perennial Ryegrass – LATE TET
Tall Fescue – FORAGE TYPE 


Dip (Diploid) and Tet (Tetraploid)

A Diploid has two chromosomes per cell, therefore less cell content relative to cell wall material, resulting in a higher level of dry matter.  Diploids are mainly used in permanent pastures due to high tiller rates and durability.

A Tetraploid has four chromosomes per cell, therefore more cell content relative to cell wall material, resulting in a lower level of dry matter.  For this reason, Tetraploids tend to be sweeter and more palatable with a higher nutritional value.


Annual and Perennial

An Annual is a plant that germinates, flowers and dies in a year or one season.

A Perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. They grow and bloom over the spring and summer and die back during the winter.


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