Agricultural, Amenity and Wild Grasses

Dip (Diploid) and Tet (Tetraploid)

A Diploid has two chromosomes per cell, therefore less cell content relative to cell wall material, resulting in a higher level of dry matter.  Diploids are mainly used in permanent pastures due to high tiller rates and durability.

A Tetraploid has four chromosomes per cell, therefore more cell content relative to cell wall material, resulting in a lower level of dry matter.  For this reason, Tetraploids tend to be sweeter and more palatable with a higher nutritional value.


Annual and Perennial

An Annual is a plant that germinates, flowers and dies in a year or one season.

A Perennial is a plant that lives for more than two years. They grow and bloom over the spring and summer and die back during the winter.


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Agricultural Grasses

Annual Ryegrass – Bigbang / Pellerton / Libonus
Annual Ryegrass – DIP – Estanzuela
Cocksfoot – Amba / Treponso / Donata
Cocksfoot – Diceros / Beluga – Smooth leaved
Cocksfoot – Alderburn / Lyra late
Festilolium – Lofa / Merlin / Perun
Hybrid Ryegrass – DIP – Pirol
Hybrid Ryegrass – TET – Kirial / Cordial
Hybrid Ryegrass – TET – Rusa / Solid / Aston Crusader
Italian Ryegrass – TET – Melquatro / Gemini
Italian Ryegrass – TET – Jungle / Turtetra
Italian Ryegrass
– DIP – Fox (mixes only)
Italian Ryegrass – DIP – Alamo / Meribel / Ligrande 
Italian Ryegrass – DIP – Syntilla
Meadow Fescue – Pardus
Perennial Ryegrass – EARLY DIP – Nui
Perennial Ryegrass – INT DIP – Nifty / Boyne
Perennial Ryegrass – LATE DIP – Thomas / Glenrock
Perennial Ryegrass – LATE DIP – Toddington/ Cancan/ Astonking
Perennial Ryegrass – INT TET – Glenstal
Perennial Ryegrass – INT TET – Diwan
Perennial Ryegrass – INT TET – Calibra
Perennial Ryegrass – LATE TET – Alfonso / Twymax / Hurricane / Bijou
Perennial Ryegrass – LATE TET – Melpaula / Melfrost 
Tall Fescue – FORAGE TYPE – Quantum / Kora
Timothy – Comer / Polarking 


Amenity Grasses

Agrostis Tenuis – Sefton / Manor
Annual Ryegrass – TURF TYPE – Nusprint
Brown Top Bent – Highland
Canada Bluegrass – Poa Compressa
Chewings Fescue – Greenfield
Chewings Fescue – Wagner / Wilma
Creeping Bent – Kromi
Hard Fescue – Ridu 
Kentucky Bluegrass – Brooklawn / Miracle 
Kentucky Bluegrass – Evora / Sun Beam
Perennial Ryegrass – Bellevue / Vertech / Fancy
Perennial Ryegrass – Signet / Sirtaky
Perennial Ryegrass – Beckham
Perennial Ryegrass – Claudine / Eurodiamond
Perennial Ryegrass – CREEPING – Confidence / Corsica
Perennial Ryegrass – TET – Double
Strong Creeping Red Fescue – Maxima / Mellori/ Dipper/ Sergei
Rough Stalked Meadowgrass – Dasas
Sheeps Fescue – Aberfleece
Slender Red Fescue – Pinafore / Samanta / Archibal
Slender Red Fescue – Barpearl
Tall Fescue – AMENITY TYPE – Borneo
Tall Fescue – RHIZOMATOUS – SC1

Wild Grasses

Annual Bluegrass Poa annua
Bermudagrass Cynodon Dactylon
Crested DogstailCynosurus cristatus
Crested HairgrassKoeleria pyramidata
Kidney WeedDichondra micrantha
Kikuyu Grass – Pennisetum clandestinum
Meadow Barley – Hordeum brachyantherum
Meadow Brome – Bromus commutatus
Meadow FoxtailAlopecurus pratensis
Quaking GrassBriza media
Saltmarsh GrassPuccinellia maritima
Silky BentApera spica-venti
Slender Wheat GrassElymus trachycaulus
Small TimothyPhleum bertolonii – Timoturf
Supina Bluegrass – Poa Supina Mix Coated
Sweet Vernal Anthoxanthum odoratum
Tall OatgrassArrhenatherum elatius
Tufted HairgrassDeschamsia cespitosa
Upright Brome – Bromus erectus
Various-leaved Fescue –
Festuca heterophylla
Velvet BentgrassAgrostis caninia
Wavy HairgrassDeschampsia flexuosa
Wood False BromeBrachypodium sylvaticum – Enhary or sim.
Wood MeadowgrassPoa nemoralis
Yellow OatgrassTrisetum flavescens
Yorkshire FogHolocus lanatus


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