Agricultural Mixtures

Grazing Mixtures with Clover 

Permanent Pasture

3.5Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass 
2.1Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Tet 
2.8Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
3.5Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Tet 
1.12Kg Timothy
0.98Kg White Clover
14Kg per acre

Just Grazing

7.8Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
4.55Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
0.65Kg White Clover
13Kg per acre

Grazing - Dry Soils

1Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
4Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
4.75Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
1.5Kg Timothy
0.5Kg Sheeps Fescue
0.9Kg Strong Creeping Red Fescue
0.45Kg Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass
0.9Kg White Clover
14Kg per acre

Herbal Pasture - Not Suitable for Horses

2Kg Cocksfoot
1Kg Timothy
2Kg Premium
1.25Kg Tall Fescue
0.5Kg White Clover Blend
0.5Kg Alsike Clover
0.5Kg Red Clover
0.25Kg Birdsfoot Trefoil
5Kg Mixed Herbs
13Kg per acre

Goat Grazing Ley

3.5Kg Int Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
3.5Kg Int Perennial Ryegrass – Dip 
1Kg Timothy
2Kg Strong Creeping Red Fescue
0.5Kg Mixed Herbs
0.5Kg Lucerne
0.5Kg Alsike Clover
1Kg Red Clover
0.5Kg White Clover
13Kg per acre 

Alpaca Ley

2Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
2Kg Int Perennial – Dip 
1Kg Meadow Fescue
3Kg Strong Creeping Red Fescue 
0.5Kg Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass 
0.25Kg RSMG
1Kg Tall Fescue
0.5Kg Cocksfoot
0.25Kg Small Leaved White Clover 
0.5Kg Bent 
1Kg Sheeps Fescue
1Kg Timothy
13Kg per acre

Baa and Moo

4Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
2Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
2Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
2.5Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
2Kg Timothy
0.5Kg White Clover Blend
13Kg per acre

Grazing Mixtures without Clover 

Permanent Pasture without Clover

3.9Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip
3.25Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
2.6Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Dip 
1.95Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
1.3Kg Timothy
13Kg per acre

Pig Ley

7Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip 
7Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
14Kg per acre

Sheep Catch Crop Mix

3Kg Rape 
0.75Kg Kale 
0.25 Stubble Turnip 
4Kg per acre 

Three Year without Clover

6Kg Hybrid Ryegrass – Tet 
4Kg Hybrid Ryegrass – Dip 
2Kg Late Perennial Ryegrass – Dip 
2Kg Intermediate Perennial – Tet 
14Kg per acre

Italian Ryegrass Blend

100% Italian Ryegrass Blend 
14Kg per acre 

Agricultural Herbs and Clovers 


Burnet – Sanguisorba minor
Comfry – Symphytum officinale
Coriander – Corinadrum sativum
Dill – Anethum graveolens
Fenugreek – Trigonella foenum-graecum
Grazing Chicory – Cichorium intybus lacerta
Perennial Chicory – Cichorium intybus
Ribgrass – Plantago lanceolata
Sheeps Parsley – Petroselinum crispum
Yarrow – Achillea millefolium

Red Clovers

Red Clover 
Red Clover – DIP 
Red Clover – GRAZING 

White Clovers

White Clover 
White Clover – MEDIUM LEAVED 
White Clover – LARGE LEAVED

Here is an interesting read about sustainable foods and mixed farming systems to get the mind thinking.  There has been a massive change in agriculture over the years with it intensifying dramatically but there are ways that food can be sustainable.  Among the many points brought up in this article, it is astonishing to learn that we only produce approximately 16% of all the fruit we eat in Britain!


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