Silage Mixtures

Short Term Silage Mix

37% Italian Ryegrass – Tet 
25% Italian Ryegrass – Dip
38% Hybrid Ryegrass
12Kg per acre 

Long Term Silage Mix

40% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Dip 
60% Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass – Tet
13Kg per acre 

Quick Bulk

100% Westerwolds 
14Kg per acre 

Forage with little Nitrogen input

4.5Kg Italian Ryegrass 
4.5Kg Italian Ryegrass – Tet 
2Kg Red Clover
1Kg Crimson Clover 
10Kg Vetch
22Kg per acre 

Short Term Red Clover 1-2 Year Ley

3Kg Red Clover 
3Kg Italian Ryegrass – Tet
3Kg Italian Ryegrass
3Kg Italian Ryegrass
12Kg per acre

Red Clover 3-4 Year Ley

3Kg Red Clover 
6Kg Hybrid Ryegrass 
3Kg Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass 
12Kg per acre 


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