Wildflower Seed Gifts


Wildflower Seed Gifts


Our wildflower seed gifts are not only beautifully packaged but are great way of attracting pollinators to your garden.

Seed Pod Cards

The Seed Pod Cards currently come in 7 beautiful designs  

Bespoke Cards and Tags

Have a shape or design in mind?  Then a bespoke card or tag may be the answer!

Seed Boxes

We can offer Mini Seed Boxes as an alternative to the Seed Pod Cards.

Cardboard Seed Pillow Packs

The Cardboard Seed Pillow Packs are another great looking alternative to the Seed Pod Cards.

Why choose our Wildflower Gifts?

Printed on recyclable card using vegetable inks
Plastic pod is made from recycled plastic which can then be recycled again
Small and easy to post or add to a package
Bee, bird and insect friendly 
To find out more, please view our full catalogue HERE

Please note that all gifts are subject to design set up costs and minimum order quantities

To discuss our Wildflower Seed Gifts in more detail, please contact Suzie

Tel: 07767 666284
Email: [email protected]