We can offer the following Brassicas.  Please enquire for more details.
Stubble Turnip
Brassica rapa 

Stubble Turnip is a popular short term forage crop that is a very cost effective way of feeding livestock.  It is very nutritious and palatable with good levels of protein, ideal for fattening livestock, particularly lambs over winter.  It is a quick establishing crop.

Sowing Rate – 2Kg/acre

Turnip (Maincrop)
Brassica rapa 

Maincrop Turnip, also know as Hardy Turnip, is a very high yielding crop used for livestock grazing.  It is one of the most winter hardy species of forage brassica. 

Sowing Rate – 0.5Kg/acre

Brassica oleracea

Kale is one of the most winter hardy species of brassica and the highest yielding.  It is a high protein fodder crop that is good for fattening lambs or cattle and is usually grazed from September to March.

Sowing Rate – 2Kg/acre

Forage Rape
Brassica napus

Forage Rape is a quick growing, high yielding, leafy brassica.  It is a high energy, protein rich crop that is suitable for cattle or sheep grazing.  It is best to strip graze this crop to make it most efficient.  Makes an ideal companion crop to Stubble Turnips.

Sowing Rate – 4Kg/acre

Brassica nap nap 

Swede is a fast growing, high yielding crop that has good winter hardiness.  It is one of the highest energy root crops and provides excellent feed late into the winter and early spring.  Swede is best strip grazed.

Sowing Rate – 1.5Kg/acre


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